Skullcap – A Natural Anxiety Remedy


There are two types of Skullcap American and Chinese. Skullcap is the herb of a member of the mint family from rich woods and moist soils in eastern North America. Another commonly used species is Baikal skullcap, (S. baicalensis), the root of which is the Chinese drug huang-qin. It is found in sandy fields in northeast China and adjacent Russia and in the mountains of south west China.

Skullcap acts like a sedative without the deleterious effects of narcotic drugs. It has a relaxing and sleep promoting action which can help to quiet nervousness and treat insomnia. It has also been used in assisting with drug and alcohol withdrawl and has been used for headaches.
Used for the following ailments: Anxiety, insomnia, muscles spasms, neuralgia, tension, hysteria and pain.

Skullcap continues to be used as a mild neural sedative which has the ability to relieve headaches and other related pain. Studies have shown that it can tranquilize a restless an excited nervous system. In addition, nervous twitching and muscle spasms were also calmed by Skullcap. An added bonus is its ability to lower blood serum cholesterol and prevent high blood pressure.
and the other being American Skullcap is not listed as a natural cancer treatment.

Some other uses of American Skullcap herb are as follows:
•Stress and anxiety relief
•Insomnia relief
•Helps with drug withdrawal

Skullcap is one of the herbs used as a remedy for ADD. It can be blended with valerian for maximum effect and to promote restful sleep. Skullcap is a useful remedy for combating panic attacks. It is calming on mental function and has been used as a remedy for schizophrenia.

The herb is usually consumed by putting the dried form of the herb into a tea, but it is also available in capsule, powder or tincture form.
You may want to try a relaxing Skullcap smoothie. To make a Skullcap smoothie, just use 6 fresh or dried flowers and add them to any fruit smoothie. Or blend: 3 bananas, 8 – 10 fresh or dried flowers, 1/2 cup of water, and add some syrup for sweetness.

Pregnant women and women who are breastfeeding should not use skullcap. Do not take skullcap if you take anti-anxiety medications, barbiturates or other sedatives.

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