Discover The Amazing Healing And Medicinal Values Of Neem


In India, Neem is known as “the village pharmacy” Its miraculous medicinal values have been popular for the last five thousand years all over the world.
Neem is the most well-liked when applied as a natural and organic pesticide. The fact that it is all organic usually indicates it’s primarily used in organic and natural facilities across the globe. It is efficient against most frequent farming pests like Spider mites, aphids, caterpillars, mushroom flies, cabbage worms and even more.
Neem is highly respected and has been prized as a wonder plant for centuries, because of the antibacterial anti-parasitic, insect repellent, anti-fungal, anti-septic and anti-inflammatory properties.
Neem is also known to act as a lethal repellent to spiders, cockroaches, and common household pests.
Neem is a Miracle Herb for Dogs too!
Neem is well known for clearing the complexion, rejuvenate the skin and eradicating blemishes, it contains Vitamin E and other powerful vitamins, which helps to improve fragile skin helping to maintain healthy, beautiful and glowing skin

Also used as an effective aid to heal skin infections, Neem is a miracle for those with problematic skin acne, athlete’s foot, chickenpox, eczema, psoriasis healing sunburn and prevents the body cells from being infected.
Neem inhibits the growth of acne-causing bacteria such as Propionibacterium. It takes only a few days for Neem to show results in acne treatment.
Neem contain powerful anti-fungal that is toxic to harmful organisms and is an effective treatment for various fungi that infect the human body. Laboratory tests have shown that neem preparations are toxic to cultures of 14 common fungi. These include the Candida fungi that cause vaginal yeast infections and Trichophyton fungus that causes athletes foot and toenail fungus (yellow toenails).
Candida is a yeast-like fungus that is part of the normal flora but can get out of control, leading to lesions in mouth (thrush), vagina, skin, hands and lungs.
It works well as a home remedy for Bacterial Vaginosis Neem powder can be taken orally to fight against Bacterial Vaginosis or added to your bath.
Neem can be applied to warts and prevent Wart causing viruses (papillomavirus) from replicating, so that a wart will slowly fade away.

Neem Tea is an very effective ingredient for Hair and Scalp Care. Neem oil is also used as a Dandruff and Lice treatment if you are suffering from hair lice problem mix Neem oil or Neem tea with your regular conditioner or soft shampoo, apply for fifteen minutes then rinse. A powerful way to detox and kill head lice and eggs is to massage Neem oil into the scalp and leave for an hour then rinse.

Avoid costly dental bills with Its antibacterial properties helps to remove many dental problems.
Neem therapeutic rinses and mouthwashes to help heal Bleeding Gums, Gingivitis, Periodontitis Gum Disease, Tooth decay and Tooth Disorders. Mouth Ulcers are treated with Neem leaf extract reducing the infection in oral cavities.
To treat a sore throat without antibiotics, gargle with Neem leaf water three times a day.

Neem is used for some impressive therapeutic and spiritual purpose qualities, including the following :
Fighting excessive sweating and bad odours.
Recent discoveries have even revealed that extracts of Neem leaves have been considered a calmative to reduce anxiety, stress and nervous disorders
In Aromatherapy to relieve tiredness, treat arthritis and musculoskeletal pain by massaging it directly into the skin

Neem is available and can be purchased in the form of capsules, dried leaf tea, oil, powder and pills soap, tincture and toothpaste.
Alternatively the loose herb can be applied directly to the skin when mixed with Vaseline.

Neem has been shown to be a powerful, relatively inexpensive birth control agent for both men and women.
Neem extract reduces fertility in male -without hitting libido or sperm production. Neem leaf tablets taken for one month produced reversible male infertility but did not affect sperm production or libido. This is the first male birth control pill. Chewing a handful of Neem leaves every day prevents pregnancies.

Neem can provide a safe and affordable alternative to prescription drugs
It would be advisable to consult a professional doctor, health care provider or a Dermatologist before using Neem remedies.

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‘All medicine is in the earth.’

Paracelsus (Austrian Doctor and Philosopher 1493-1541)


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