Natural Cures from the Kitchen – Medicinal Uses for Black Pepper


Black peppers were once used as a currency. Black Pepper is one of the oldest known spice. The uses of black pepper go far beyond the kitchen where pepper stimulates the taste buds.In Western medicine Black pepper is known for its active constituent piperine. This phyto-chemical is known to calm the nervous system, reduce fevers, relieve pain, and also have an anti-inflammatory effect. It is also an anti-fungal and anti-oxidant. Black pepper is also known to be stimulating to the circulatory system, and is a Rubifacient, which means to bring blood to the skins surface.
Next time before you pop that tablet, perhaps consider using black pepper as an alternative medicine.
Black pepper is therefore good for poor circulation, it is good for reducing fevers, and it is excellent for muscle and joint pain. It is a warming remedy and is indicated for use in stomach pains, flatulence and indigestion.
So Next time before you pop that tablet, perhaps consider using black pepper as an alternative medicine.

Black Pepper Tea: 1-2 black pepper seeds or ¼ teaspoon of black pepper powder can be boiled in water while preparing the tea. This herbal tea is good for curing cold, cough, indigestion, fever, stomach pain, asthma and improves the appetite too.

Athletes Foot
Soaking your affected toe for half an hour twice a day should result in a marked improvement in about three days

Back Pain
Used externally in massage, black pepper is very helpful for muscle stiffness and aches. It is a natural pain killer which works deep into the joints and muscle to reduce acidic buildup and release toxins from the muscle into the blood stream.

Blocked Nose
Those who suffer from blocked nose due to cold may sniff the same to induce sneezing. Alternatively prepare chicken soup with lots of black pepper and onions.

Cold, Cough and Flu
Its antibacterial and warming properties help loosen mucus and thereby serve as a natural home remedy for relieving cold and cough and ease breathing. Just put a little amount of freshly ground black pepper powder on your hot soup or hot tea and see how it works wonder

On a piece of cotton, apply some castor oil, sprinkle with black pepper and place on the aching ear, not in the ear canal.

Gum Pain
Massage black pepper over gums or Gargle black pepper with warm water. The pain and swelling will go.

Mix black pepper in a bowl of boiling hot water. Place your face over and cover your head and the bowl with a tent from the towel to concentrate the medicinal steam. Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Steam inhalations are a powerful and inexpensive form of hydrotherapy.

Apply to the hair leave it for 0ne hour and rinse well.
Caution:Do not allow this mixture to get into the eyes. Keep eyes shut while washing hair and wash hair thoroughly with a lot of water.

Muscular pains,
Take tablespoon of Black Pepper mixed with a carrier oil such as olive oil and rubbed on the affect area to help

Nervous Exhaustion.
Nervous system problems such as mental exhaustion can be eased with black pepper oil. It is also used for clearing the mind, improving memory and, generally, raising the spirits.

Gargling with black pepper and warm water will relieve toothaches. Alternatively Rub a pinch of black pepper to this paste on the affected part.

Tooth Infection
Black pepper can be mixed with clove oil and applied on the infected teeth for relief from pain and infection.

Sore Throat
Black pepper when added to honey can be licked before going to bed for instant relief from sore throat.

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