Soothe Anxiety and Insomnia with Jamaican Dogwood

Jamaican Dogwood is a tree with the botanical name – Piscidia Erythrina. It’s also known as fish poison bark, West Indian dogwood and fishfuddle.
Jamaica Dogwood is a famous and common herb that can help in aiding sleep in people with sleep disorders or even sleep apnea. Jamaican Dogwood is one of the most effective natural sleep remedies.
Jamaican Dogwood has roots in Mayan history as a medicine for asthma and fever reduction.
The herb was also documented in Western medicine as early as the 1840s as a pain reliever. Today, Jamaican dogwood is used to treat anxiety, fear, insomnia, nerve pain, migraines and nervous tension.
Jamaican dogwood Acts as a muscle relaxant and is used as a powerful sedative and anodyne for insomnia caused by pain or nervous tension.
There are many possible ways on how to take Jamaica Dogwood for sleep apnea. You can either take the herb orally, as a tincture, directly through decoction or you can use Jamaica dogwood in a herbal bath. Just by adding a handful of Jamaica Dogwood leaves into your warm bath can help in easing tension and relieving stress in your body, thus causing relaxation and sleepiness. Many scientists of the 17th century proved that this herb has sweat-promoting and pain-relieving properties. Jamaican Dogwood was once used by Jamaican fishermen. In America it is used as fish poison. This herb is used in insecticides to control fleas, lice and larvae.

Consult your health care advisor regarding the use of herbs during pregnancy. Discontinue if unusual symptoms occur.
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