Reduce Anxiety and Depression with Wormwood


Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium)
One of the bitterest herb there is, wormwood takes the form of tea powder and tincture that proves a calming effect to those suffering from mild depression.
Wormwood is Well known for its commercial use in the preparation of liquors Absinthe and Vermouth.
The alcoholic drink named Absinthe is often referred to as “the Green Fairy”. Wormwood is one of the main ingredients in the drink. Absinthe also contains the herbs green anise and fennel. The herb’s absinthin content is a narcotic analgesic that affects the medullary portion of the brain concerned with anxiety and is said to induce a relaxed state.
This bitterest of herbs includes a narcotic analgesic that affects the portion of the brain dealing with pain.
Wormwood is promoted as a sedative and anti-inflammatory.
According to an Christian legend wormwood grew in the tracts of the serpent as he crawled out of the Garden of Eden. In the Bible Wormwood is used as a symbol for the consequences of sin. Wormwood is also used today mainly as a bitter tonic, in fact “as bitter as Wormwood” is a very Ancient proverb, and is also mentioned in Biblical texts “her end was as bitter as wormwood.” Proverbs 5:4
Wormwood is a nervine tonic that nourishes the nervous system and, eases stress and nervous disorders.
As an herbal tranquilizer, the herb helps calm and soothe the nerves and reduces tension and anxiety.
Wormwood is thought to have calming effect and could be helpful to those suffering from epilepsy and muscle spasms and to treat mild forms of depression.
Research has found Wormwood (Artemisia Absinthium) to be extremely potent against Candida Albicans and made famous for it’s potent ability to help rid the body of parasites.
Wormwood can be taken as capsule, tincture, mixed in a little soup or as a tea. Remember that the longer the tea brews, the better the effect on the body. You can also use infusions of the dried herb in the bath or even a foot soak, or as steam inhalation.

Contact your healthcare provider prior to using herbs to ensure that herbal remedies are the best choice for you.
As always, it’s best to consult a health care professional or someone who has expert knowledge in the consumption of herbs as a means of holistic medicine.
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