Mustard Natural Remedies

Mustard is mentioned in the New Testament of the Bible five times, one time referred to as the greatest herb. Mustard is one of the oldest spices known to man. The Greek mathematician, Pythagoras, highly regarded the medicinal properties of mustard five centuries before Christ, and there is speculation that it was widely used in Africa and China centuries before that.
The mustard plant has been used since ancient times and is valued for its oil content. It can be found growing wild in many parts of the world as it is widely cultivated. It is grown in just about every area of North America except the far northern parts, and can grow up to eight feet in height.
A Mustard bath is a traditional English treatment using the healing effects of mustard to rejuvenate the tired, worn-out muscles and joints. So, if you are feeling tired, stressed out, having lack of sleep, mustard bath can help. It can uplift your spirit, brighten your mood, relax your tighten muscles and give you a general feeling of wellness. In short, mustard oil benefits can extend beyond your mind and body; it can touch your spirit.

Aches and Pains :

It is believed that mustard bath can warm up our muscles and promote blood circulation. This can help in treating muscles and joint stiffness, thereby reducing joint pain and general body aches.

mustard footbath by adding one teaspoon of dried mustard to a bowl of very hot water. Mustard has a warming effect and inhaling an infusion will clear phlegm and draw infection and congestion away from the chest.

Relieves Stress and Tension:

It is suggested that mustard bath can help in toning and soothing our worn out muscles and nerves. This can help in alleviating stress and tension.

Hair Growth Hair Loss
Massaging mustard seed oil on the scalp stimulates hair growth. When dealing with hair loss.


A good mustard bath can help in relaxing and soothing our tired muscles and nerves. This can promote complete relaxation of mind and body, thereby inducing deep sleep.

Runny Nose

A stuffy nose is relieved by the ingestion of spicy foods such as mustard, which speeds up the movement of mucus. A runny nose can also be treated through direct contact with mustard.

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