Valerian Root – Herbal Remedy for Depression


Although anxiety and depression are fairly common today, there is no single drug to cure all cases. Conventional help with depression is mostly a combination of medications and psychotherapy.
Depression is a wide spread disease, more and more people suffer from this unpleasant condition every day. Therefore, it is important to know how to deal with it.
there are many natural remedies which can help with depression such as Valerian Root
This sedative herb induces restful sleep, and also relaxes muscles. It is called a “nervine” in Western herbalism, which refers to its effect on the central nervous system – it helps relieve nervousness and irritability, both common components of depression. The active constituents of valerian are called valepotriates. It is best taken in capsule form, as the tea has an unpleasant odour (not unlike dirty socks).

Key symptoms valerian is used to treat include
•Anxiety; panic attacks
•Insomnia; sleep disorders
•Nervous restlessness
•Wedding nerves; exam nerves
•Fearfulness; of flying; stage fright; mild phobias
•Muscular relaxant for tension; cramps; spasms; period pain.

The herb has also found a role in treating a variety of nervous disorders in children. In one German study, an extract of valerian root was given to 120 children with a wide variety of behavioral disorders such as restlessness, sleep disorders, hyperactivity, learning disorders, bed wetting, anxiety, headache, and the habits of thumb sucking and nail biting. After three weeks of using valerian extract daily, 75 percent of the children showed marked improvement of their conditions without any toxicity or negative side effects.3

Dosage: Valerian is best taken in small frequent doses throughout the day. It is readily available in tablet or capsule form from health food stores, so follow the directions on the pack.

Valerian dried herbs can be used as a tea, tincture or loose dry herbs added to a smoothie or herbal bath.

Unlike other sedatives and drugs, valerian has none of the side effects or dependency risk that these have. Consult your health care advisor regarding the use of herbs during pregnancy. Discontinue if unusual symptoms occur.

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