Can’t Sleep? The Best Cures for Insomnia


Insomnia, Chronic Insomnia, Hyper insomnia, Sleep Deprivation or Whatever name is used the effect is poor sleep. A disorder that makes it difficult to fall or stay asleep. For some, insomnia can be the result of stress or anxiety caused by work or family problems. For others, it can be a health problem, nervous disorder or a hormone imbalance that can cause sleeplessness.
The home remedies for insomnia have been known to help cure this problem. You can try an insomnia home remedy yourself without the help of experts or professionals.
Nature has a cure for everything. If you have been a victim of insomnia for a long time now, it’s time to take action. Insomnia home remedy can make your life better and help you reclaim your night’s sleep. There are wide-ranging home remedies for insomnia. These can all help you fight insomnia and get the sleep you need for good health, a clear mind, and a balanced mood.

Bach Rescue Remedy is a combination of Bach Flower Remedies that helps to treat anxiety, stress, shock and other distressed states of mind. Therefore this flower essence could be useful in helping to treat insomnia relating to trauma, anxiety, stress and depression.
•Bach White Chestnut could help those suffering from insomnia related to worries and emotional problems, since this flower essence helps to relieve recurring unwanted thoughts and mental arguments.
•Bach Mimulus is the flower remedy that helps overcome fear of known things such as the fear of not being able to sleep.

Massage some sesame, almond or coconut oil on to your scalp before going to bed. This gives soothing effect to your brain and makes you fall asleep.

15 Minute Lavender Herbal Bath to encourage natural sleep. Lavender is one of the most well known herbs for insomnia and can be used in different ways to aid sleep. The dried flowers can either be used in a pillow or drunk in tea form to help cure insomnia.

A simple sedative is Catnip – Catnip contains the monoterpene, nepetalactone, which is similar to the valepotriates found in valerian, a more commonly used herbal sedative. It is usually taken in the form of tea.

Hops acts as a mild sedative to treat insomnia, anxiety and nervousness.It helps in calming the nerves and relieving tension and restlessness. To cure insomnia, you can drink two to three cups of hops tea every day. However, hops also have a depressant effect and should be avoided by those who suffer from depression.

Kava Kava is a hot favourite for it’s anxiety relieving effects and leads to deep sleep. Drinking kava imparts a calm feeling and relaxes the body. After drinking Kava, many insomniacs report falling asleep within 30 minutes!

Passionflower is helpful in treating insomnia primarily for its sedative properties. It has a history in Native American culture as a remedy for this sleep disorder, as well as for epilepsy, restlessness and menstrual discomfort. Drink passionflower as a tea prior to bedtime

Valerian Root acts as a mild sedative and has proven to be effective in reducing the time it takes to fall asleep. Recent clinical evidence has suggests Valerian and Hops combined is indeed effective as a treatment for Insomnia. It is available in tablet form and as a tea.

Skullcap: This herb is relaxing and is used as one of the herbal remedies for insomnia. Skullcap – makes an effective nerve tonic that reduces anxiety and restlessness.

If you try one of these natural herbal remedies for insomnia and it doesn’t seem to work for you, try another one. They have varying degrees of effectiveness for different individuals. Perhaps that’s why nature supplied so many herbal cures for sleeplessness.

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